My index is 14 and I currently game the Wilson D7 Forged in the stock $ Taper Lite S 100. My dispersion is all over the place, mostly short/left and right. A frequent miss with my long irons is out off the toe and results in a loss of distance and overdraw/hook. A well struck iron shot usually results in a high ball flight, maybe a tad too high because I feel that it dies in the breeze. Launch monitor sessions have never indicated that I am a high-spin player though, with irons or driver. I honestly think that hitting off a mat just doesn’t give an accurate representation of what I experience out on the course. I am working with a coach to improve fundamentals, but again these sessions are on a driving range mat where I stripe the ball much more often.

I track my performance with ShotScope and attached a sample of my approach game for my 6, 7 & 9 irons. Short left with 6, short right with 7 & 9.

I am interested in self-testing with Maltby heads and various shafts. Based on the above, can you suggest some heads and shafts (specific shafts or shaft profiles/flexes) that might be good starting points for testing against my current gamers?

Any help is MUCH appreciated.

Still.Eric Answered question April 20, 2021