Someone posted a set of m45s 4-pw for 50 bucks on FB marketplace and think I’m gonna snag them. Anyone able to tell me anything about these?


Claude-Golf Answered question June 16, 2022

Those are a fantastic seat of heads. Traditional lofts, extremely solid feel, plenty forgiving for most players.

For $50? If they’re not to beat up they might be a steal???

Love my set of M-45s. I just put them back in play. As statechamp stated – if they aren’t too beat up, get them. $50 seems a good price for a quality forged iron set.

They definitely have some bag chatter, but nothing serious, some wear on the 8 iron leading edge, a little bit of face wear on the P,8, and 7. The guy had no idea what he had though, he kept calling them “Tour players blades” and saying that they were 1200 when new but definitely not.

They are nice though, some sort of stiff rifle style shaft but with no branding on it, they look incredible at address, more pleasing to look at at address than my current STi2s. Im gonna get out to hit them tomorrow and see how they feel.