Getting older/weaker and needing to transition from light weight steel. I built a test TS-1 8-iron (6-iron is my longest iron, 150+ yds) with Pro Series “A” flex shaft at standard trim and 1/2″ longer than standard graphite. I like the distance/stability of the shaft; however, I’m concerned with the weight of the club being too light. I’ve tested other shafts but prefer overall performance of Pro Series shafts. Appreciate thoughts on below:

  1. Considering the Pro Series “R” flex and trimming 1-1/2″ less which would work given 6-iron is longest iron. However, based on similar questions on GW website, the “R” flex may still play stiffer than the “A”.
  2. I see GW has the Tour Lock weights. These will reduce SW and would also increase the overall weight of the club but is that the same as having the weight dispersed across the length of the shaft.
Britt Lindsey Answered question August 31, 2022