Brett or Jim,

I recently purchased your Maltby UFW #5 woods and have a question…..

I’m 72 years old, play to a 10 hcp., but have always had trouble getting consistent height (and therefore distance) from a lower lofted fairway wood.  I quit using a 3 wood several years ago and went to a 16 or 17 degree 4 wood.  This year I decided to go to a 5 wood for the same reason….higher trajectory and hopefully better distance.   The first shaft I installed was an XCaliber (2B2M) in Senior flex.  Again, not much height.   So I switched to a UST DHI Series (2D3S) Senior flex, which has a little softer tip and lower kick point.  The results are a little better, but still a lack of height and distance.  I have a 20 degree fairway wood that still goes higher and farther than the UFW 18 degree….

I am wondering if both of these shafts are too light for fairway woods, and would like to know if you think if that is the reason I get no height/distance out of the 5 wood?   Would a 75 gram shaft made specifically for fairway woods be a better choice?  Or should I look into a Maltby Trouble Out, which supposedly has a lower center of gravity??