Interested in a general question about picking a shaft to match a iron head.  I want to build a set with the DBM heads.  My playability number is 3B3M.  Im a fit senior player with a 14 handicap.  Would you install a Mid/High or Mid launch shaft with these heads.  Golf works built me a demo 7 iron with the Fujikura Vista Pro 60i R flex.  This shaft was rated Mid/High launch profile.  I hit the 7 iron high and very happy with the feel.  I realize that a club fitter would want to see me hit shots before picking a shaft.  But, high launch doesn’t necessarily mean optimum distance.  Would the lofts of the DBM heads be better matched with Mid, Mid/high, or High launch rated shafts.  Any shaft recommendations?

Thanks for reading.


Britt Lindsey Answered question February 25, 2021