Dear RM forum members, 

I text you this email because of your years of experience in golf clubs and because I have not been able to find any information about these clubs elsewhere. I did not see them in the complete RM database either.

I recently have acquire the complete set of irons (2H-SW)  that you can see in the attached picture.  The clubs are in good condition and the original grips are quite new as well.

Do you have any information about them? What year were they released to the market?  Why is so difficult to find information about them?  Is it because few of them were sold at that point?

All the information I have received until now is that the model might be from early 70s. Does anyone know something else about them?

I hope you can help me with this topic.  Any information would be highly appreciated.

Regards from Spain,  Alex

Finde the pictures and information in the golfwrx link. Regards. Alex