Hoping someone can explain how much MOI influences the MPF value of a given club?  My historical understanding of MOI is it is a measure of clubhead resistance to twisting on off center hits…and MOI has been marketed/promoted by most manufacturers as the significant factor related to forgiveness “…our clubs have the highest MOI in the industry…”

When considering MPF, which I interpret/believe is a solid measure of overall forgiveness, I noticed the MOI of the TS1’s (for example) is quite a bit lower than similar blade or blade-like clubs, yet the MPF of the TS1 is significantly higher

So, my question is…how much should I evaluate MOI as a factor of forgiveness, compared to overall MPF value?  Example for me would be the Mizuno Hot Metal Pro vs. TS1 irons. Similar “player’s distance iron” category. Hot Metal Pro has higher MOI, but (a little) lower MPF.  Would the Mizunos be considered “more forgiving” because the MOI is higher, yet MPF is only 30/40 points different?