Hello all.

I have 2019 T200 irons and love them.    My problem is the AMT R300 black are too heavy for me and I tried a fitting session and was suggested the KBS tour lite R.  I hit a T150  with that shaft and my spin went up 1000 rpm and my height went higher (I need this) swing 7 iron 75 mph…   average ball speed is 100-108 mph .  I looked at them (KBS tour lite R)  and they are nice however one of my club fitting pro friends suggested the Nippon 950GH regular flex.     I am keen on them as they are significantly cheaper.      Here is my question….    I seem to like D2 in my irons 4-9 and slightly heavier in my wedges.    I have no problem on trackman hitting a consistent pattern on the face….    I am very familiar with hauling apart my clubs and doing work.   (years ago I hit nothing but Maltby clubs) but as I got older I fell away from making clubs….      Because I am going from a 110-115g to a 95G constant weight shaft my swing weight will change (by 2 points but the feel will feel the same??)        what is the maximum I can go with a tip weight before the MOI gets changed in the head???   I am keen to pull the AMT and try the Nippon shafts.   I play clubs at standard lengths and use one wrap tape and a MCC midsized grip.  Thanks in advance.   Dan

Britt Lindsey Answered question April 8, 2024

I use a MMC Midsized grip which is 59 grams as well. Thanks.