Hi Britt – any chance you have the new Cobra and Srixon Irons in the Lab?  Curious if you could post prelim MPF’s or when you think numbers would be published for some the of theses H2 models from 2015.  Thanks!

I have the preliminaries on all the 2016 Cobra and Srixon. Here you go:
Cobra King F6 – 682 Game Improvement category
Cobra King Forged Tech – 474 Conventional category
Cobra King Forged – 253 Classic category
Srixon Z335 – 550 Conventional category
Srixon Z545 – 491 Conventional category
Srixon Z745 – 414 Conventional category
Srixon Z945 – 358 Classic category
Remember, these are preliminary. The Srixon Z335 was 1 point shy of Game Improvement, so after the final measurements, it could creep into the Game Improvement category. As I have said before, the final measurements are never far off from these preliminary numbers. I now have 22 models I need to get the final numbers on. Hopefully over the next few weeks I can get them finalized and on our website.

Wow – awesome stuff! Thanks so much. I was not expecting the Srixon so that was a nice addition. Thanks again for all the great information.