Hi.  Let me say up front I believe MPF is important and I believe it when you say it is becoming more preferred on the tour. So this is an honest question.  When I look at the categories listed on GolfWorks and see Game Improvement as popular with tour pros, I look at WITB and can’t find anyone playing GI irons. The most I see is Conventional in the 500 MPF range. I see a lot still in the Classic range.  TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist, Mizuno, Srixon tour irons don’t make it into Game Improvement MPF ratings. PXG might be the only one, maybe.  Can you please point out what company is making GI irons the tour pros are playing and preferring?  I’d love to know who is leading this direction.

From what I see, the Maltby TS-1 is groundbreaking.  It is the only blade looking iron that has a 700+ MPF and for me is a delight to play. People stop and pull my clubs and look.  The PING G700 is the only one I see that is close and people are hating finish on it. I just think the TS-1 is the future of golf and am trying to see what tour sponsoring club makers and players are on the right path.