Background: higher handicap – not obsessive, but pretty sure it’s high teens to low twenties. Age 68, height short, clubhead speed for a 6 iron usually high 60’s-low 70’s.

I previously had a set of UST DHI shafts in the A flex. While they did launch high, always felt a little whippy to me. So I decided to try something that might be a little stiffer. I saw a video review that said these were a little firmer so I decided to give those a try on a couple of test clubs. They’re kind of OK on the 6 iron. The launch is on the high side, although it’s not as effortless as with the UST’s. But OTOH, the shaft itself feels a little abrupt, particularly if you don’t hit it dead on the sweet spot. While my launch angles were almost always high with the DHI’s, they’ve now become relatively inconsistent and now veer between high and low – And on the hybrids (KE4’s) I just don’t care for this shaft at all. Would rather even have the whippy DHI’s on those.

I was looking through the questions and saw this:

Based on shaft profile test data there is not other A flex graphite iron shaft, tapered or parallel, we carry that tests as stiff as the MPF Pro Series A flex. Especially in tip stiffness. If I picked a shaft or shafts that I feel might play a little more like the Pro Series I would look at the Recoil 660 (US0110) and the SteelFiber i70 (AT0018I). The test data for these two shafts is almost identical. Even the R flexes in both of these shafts do not test quite as stiff as the Pro Series A flex. You might try one of the SteelFiber 70CW A flex shafts to see how it compares for you before getting the whole set.

This confuses me a little. So you’ve got an A flex that’s actually stiffer than 2 well known regular alternatives? Confused since the chart shows it as higher launch and torque, so I assume it’s a design feature? It can be flexible but stiff? Or it’s as simple as, “Well some people would consider it flexible and some wouldn’t?” I looked at the MPF shaft ratings and I’m not sure how this information aligns with that rating – it’s seems like the true nature of the shaft kind of slips through the cracks.

So I’m kind of back to square one it seems and I’m unsure of what to try next? Stick with the DHI’s and maybe take some additional  length off the tip to address the whippy? Or try an R flex in those to see if it’s any better? Or soften up the MPF Pro via the tip? Or try something else? Also curious what the reasoning is here for these characteristics so if I’m missing something and it’s just a question of my technique not aligning with the equipment so I’ve got a better idea of how to proceed?

I do think they could do a better job of putting this kind of information in the description rather than having to make a pass for info buried in the questions later on. Not to mention the fact that when I ordered it the cart kept showing a lower price than what they charged me when I submitted the order.

Matt Changed status to publish August 30, 2022