Hi Britt,
I’m interested in the above shafts for my 3-wood (14.5deg), 2-hybrid (17deg) and 3-hybrid (20deg). I want to go with a Regular flex with a mid-high trajectory but it seems these shafts play stiffer than rated and have a mid trajectory. If I go with the A flex, can this be tip trimmed to play like more like a regular flex while keeping it’s mid-high trajectory?

I currently have the XCaliber Classic FW and HY shafts in stiff flex but can no longer handle them, hence shifting to Regular. I understand the MPF Pro Series are very similar these shafts. Which of these 2 shafts play stiffer at a given flex? Just wondering what to expect from the MPF Pro Series based on my experience with the XCalibers.


Britt Lindsey Answered question April 12, 2021