I need some info on TT DG R300 Taper tip shafts. I have a few pre-owned shafts and need to know where the shafts start. I found some info on golfclub-technology.com that tells one to refer to a chart (non-existent on this website’s page) for the length of the lowest part of the shaft that would help one identify which shaft is a PW shaft of a 5 iron shaft. Does the info for Taper tip shaft exist for the length of the tip.

Britt Lindsey Answered question March 7, 2022

The Tip section for the TTDG R300’s thru out the set starts at approximately
10.375″ for PW; the 5I is 12″. The step pattern 1.75″.
If you lay them out on a table and align them beginning with first step length, you should be able to identify the shaft. Be sure to make tip end of shafts
are even before sorting. Good Luck!