I’m interested in the MMB irons and am curious of your shaft choice feedback given findings below with previous clubs / Trackman info.

1. Trackman 7 iron speed 82 MPH

2. Previously owned TE w/TT Score LT trimmed to halfway between R and S and found the ball flight was too high.  I thought the shaft felt quite firm and I would not want to go any stiffer.

3. Currently using 716 AP2 w/Dynamic Gold AMT R300.  Ball flight and shaft stiffness are both good.  Shafts are a little bit heavier than ideal.

Are the FST 125 or FST 125 Pro good options for what I described?  I read they play very soft.  Would you expect the S/X flex trimmed to S meet my target stiffness range and ball flight window?

Are there other you think may work better?