Hey y’all,

I’ve been looking at getting my first set of irons (after borrowing or using loaners) but since I’m fairly tall 6’6″ i went for a club fitting to understand what adjustments i would need for my height and current swing (which i aim to improve with lessons in the future).

I have heard great things about the Maltby irons and as a beginner I think they look like a great rice to customize…the fitting shop did not carry any Maltby sets for me to try but i did end up liking the feel of the Callaway Rogue ST Max irons out of the ones i tried and in the end ended up with:

  • +2″
  • 95 Reg (steel shafts)
  • +2deg upright

Based off the iron fitting I ended up need +2″ which I’m certain will apply to any club but here is where my question(s) come in

Would the +2deg upright apply to any iron or would i have to look at the Callaway and understand how that would “translate” to other clubs? (the adjustment did make a nice difference for me)

And lastly is there a recommendation on which Maltby iron would be close to how the rogues felt is was thinking potentially the KE4 Max that come out in June by looking at loft angles mostly but I’m not sure what i should look for in the specs to come out to a similarly spec’d Maltby style (i understand they wont be similar but would be nice to get close to it as possible)… I don’t know enough to understand what numbers and specs to look at (and which ones matter more).


Britt Lindsey Answered question May 9, 2022