Hey there everyone,

Hoping that Britt finds this. If not, maybe someone else can give me an answer. I’ve been testing Maltby offerings of my own construction for the last few months. I’ve have had some mild success, but also a couple let downs.

The issue with my current strong lofted gamers is gapping and ball flight. They are Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metals. They feel amazing. However when relatively well struck, I get low spin rockets that seem to carry forever and don’t hold any greens. Also the wider loft differences in the bottom end of the bag creates very wide distance gaps. Too much for me to manage IMO.

I started out and built a set of Maltby TS1’s to test. They were nice but there were virtually no differences in my spin and gaps.

So, next I built myself a set of DBM Forged irons hoping that the more traditional lofts and constant 4 degree gaps would give me the flights I’m looking for. The difference was pretty much night and day. The spin difference is massive on a well struck shot and I get a nice high, piercing launch. So, what’s the problem? The issue is that I don’t particularly like the feel of the iron. They are not as soft as even my cast Mizunos and more importantly I find the sharp leading edge digs too much for my swing.

So finally I recently bought the last PTM 7 iron head available from The Golfworks so that I would be able to test the sole design and feel of that club. I fell in love. I love the look of the head at address, softer feel than the DBM Forged, and the sole design is much more suited to my swing. If I were to make a few loft adjustments for gapping, I believe that club would be perfect for me. However, the PTM heads are being phased out. A full set of heads is no longer available.

I realize that the PTM Black heads are still available but I am reluctant to give those a shot. I would have to buy the whole set of heads. Plus, my experience with the other head in that finish makes me think the feel would not be as soft as I’m looking for.

My question is this: Should I bite the bullet and go with the PTM Blacks? Or does anyone know of a upcoming Maltby release that would provide similar loft and performance to the PTM?

Gard Answered question November 20, 2020