I liked the looks of the heads right away, so I ordered the pitching wedge, 9 & 8 iron heads, ones that I happen to use most frequently as well as KBS Tour 105 regular shafts.  The shafts were tipped as per the chart and butt trimmed to the standard playing length.  I dry fitted them together and taped on a Golf Pride Tour Velvet midsize grip and put them on the swing weight machine.  I was surprised at the outcome.  The 8 iron came out as a C6, the 9 iron a C8 and the PW a D0.  A pretty large discrepancy in my view for a purportedly top quality iron head.  I play D2 irons, so the 8 iron requires 12 grams of weight which I think is a lot.  The other 2 not so much but certainly more than I would have anticipated.  Has anyone else experienced this with the new TS-1 heads?  Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated.