I am having a hard time finding information on these shafts and how to properly trim them.  I switched my driver shaft from the Oban Devotion 7 04 to the Devotion 6 04 and improved launch with minimal spin impact.  I’d like to trim the D7 and install in my 3 wood.  These shafts fit my swing style well and i’d like a similar performance from my 3 wood.  I have the Callaway BB Alpha and the 816 DBD driver, stock length Oban’s.  The 3 wood is the Callaway 815.

I currently have a very low launch on the 3w with the Fujikura 665 X stock shaft from Callaway (the S was too whippy and i was hooking it)

How do i trim the shaft and not increase stiffness?  All from butt, or do i trim the tip a bit?  What will this do to swing weight, do i need to adjust?

Thank you