I had a set of 1995 Hogan Edge GCD irons with graphite shafts in the garage gathering dust.  I popped the heads, cleaned up the shafts and mounted Maltby TS-1 and TS-2 (6 irons) and KE4-Tour and KE4-S (4 irons) on some of the shafts as prototype clubs. All shafts came in between 71 – 79 grams in weight and were Hogan APEX-3 regular high modulus shafts.  They are 20+ years old and have a really soft feel. I didn’t want to spend a lot to test Maltby irons so that was my idea.

Now my problem is that I am loving how all the Maltby products feel in graphite.  There is a distinct difference in each head and I can feel the benefit a high MPF iron delivers.  I currently play Wilson V2 tour irons with DG300 steel shafts and love them. I have tried the V6 irons but always come back to the V2’s. After checking the MPF, the V2’s are higher and I think that is why I feel better with them. Curiosity got me and I wanted to see how graphite, high MPF and urethane filled irons felt. I also wanted to find a reliable trusted long distance iron. I can say it is a completely different feel using graphite on high MPF Maltby irons yet distance and workability are still there. The ball jumps off these clubs and now my curiosity says build out a complete set. This experiment is moving forward.

So before I do that can you tell me what I have in these shafts? Do you know what they compare to in modern shafts if any.  Would I feel a difference/improvement using any of the modern graphite shafts?  Are 25 year old graphite shafts still viable and could I build out a great Maltby set using them? (Based on feel, I think so but I don’t want to leave anything on the table). Thoughts? Recommendations?  I hope I made sense and any response would be appreciated.