There is one point that interests me. Is Maltby thinking about introducing the first version of irons designed from the beginning with a one length in mind? Cobra specializes in this, the marketing machine is, of course, Bryson and and his success in US Open 2020. Apparently, the sale of one length clubs in this company is (in terms of value) over 50% of the sales of all clubs, while from 2017, out of 31 new models, the One Length version was 9. This would mean that this branch of products grows faster than the market. Companies started to notice it – and I could mention 10 companies (small and medium-sized – I think they are trying to increase their market share) that were completely unknown to me – and which already offer one lenght clubs (same length, single length ). Cobra had some trajectory problems. Irons 4-5 had a low trajectory and 9-PW-GW a high trajectory. It is definitely an obstacle to overcome and for sure Maltby would be able to overcome it. The weight of the Cobra heads varies slightly – so the MOI is different. In the models of smaller companies, I see that the weight of the heads is consistent – so apart from the general slogan that everyone proclaims: eight clubs = one swing is also the same MOI (about clubs), i.e. the same dynamic feeling of each clubs.

Britt Lindsey Answered question September 27, 2022