Hi, I’ve reshafted many clubs in my time, but this is my first set of Ping’s. From my research they call for a tapered .355 shaft which I have, along with OEM G series ferrules. I’ve pulled the 4i and found that the shaft seems to be swimming in the hosel and the ferrules are so tight on the shaft that one of them split while I was sliding it on for measurement. The amount of play for the shaft is alarming to me and I’m wondering a couple of things before I start anything I cant undo.
1- Is this normal for Ping clubs and I should press on?
2- Are the hosel sizes different between graphite clubs made differently than heads made for steel clubs, or am I being silly?
3- Are my dimensions completely wrong?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. It is greatly appreciated.

Britt Lindsey Answered question September 23, 2020

Might want to look up Nessism on WRX, he has had similar posts and issues with the 410 reshafting.