Hi guys. I’m based in U.K. so I can’t look at or test Maltby products first hand. I’m looking for some new irons and having seen the DBM forged irons, think I might be in love! Although I’ve read and intellectually understood the MPF system, I’m having a hard time getting my head round the fact that an iron which looks so much like a ‘player’s’ club can be as playable / user friendly in a gaming situation as as a more ‘regular’ game improvement iron like the Ping G400 (almost identical MPF to DBM forged). I have been in touch with Golfworks to get a price on a set of DBMs built to my spec and this is very reasonable. But given that I won’t be able to hit the irons before I buy them I’m looking for some reassurance or alternatively a reality check :-) For info, I’m currently an 11 handicap (been down to 9) and a decent iron player for my standard of golf. Any thoughts welcomed. Thanks.