These are often two talked about categories of irons that I find a bit confusing.  Obviously the construction is VERY different, but I’m curious about the why behind the designs.

If you were to take a TS1 vs the PTM or TS3 in the same club, what would the theoretical difference be?

Would the TS1 be “hotter” because it’s hollow and provides more rebound or is it more about forgiveness on off center hits?  I play a blended set of TS1/TS2 and just don’t really like the TS2.  My idea was to get a little more forgivenss in the 5/6 irons.  Maybe it’s the offset I don’t like?  Just trying to see if the TS3 would be a good replacement or if I should just buy the TS1 5/6.


Britt Lindsey Answered question January 30, 2023