It appears most of the premium paks are no longer available on the web site, for irons what is left is the Score shaft and Kuro Kage graphite for example.

Are the options to either buy the standard option or go through the custom shop?  One advantage of the paks previously was a volume discount by buying 8 clubs.  The custom shop appears to be strictly a charge per club regardless if you buy 1 or 8 clubs.



Britt, I have to say thank you for being receptive to the customer base. There was a high level of anxiety on some of the other forums and I got a few PMs with some animated conversations.
I see the custom shop as being a great option for people to really get a special build for themselves. It should prove to be a great tool moving forward.
Maltby has proven over and over recently how a world class product can be offered at a more than reasonable price. In a way it’s not really fair to be putting out product that if it had a Callawy or Taylormade stamp on it… would qualify to be iron of the year any way you looked at it. The new KE4 TC driver head is another product that will shock a lot of people.
Again thank you.