Britt,  I recently introduced a friend to Golfworks and why Maltby was a trusted brand among knowledgeable golfers. Based on blind trust he ordered the KE4 Max premium pak with Rapport shafts in regular stiffness. He is tall and ordered the shafts 1/4″ longer than standard.  I noticed Rapport regular shafts were only 75g so I asked him to call back and specify a D2 swing weight. I understand if you don’t specify a swing weight, Golfworks will simply assemble the clubs and ship them. Is this true? Since he was trusting me, I wanted to make sure he liked the finished product. His 3 wood is a 240 club. Do you concur with my advice?

He wanted to order his wife a test club for her new set. He asked my opinion on the KE4 Max with an Aerotech Gener8 shaft in the L flex and to specify a C6 swing weight. I see nothing wrong in the head and shaft combination but am wondering about a C6 swing weight. Do you have any thoughts on swing weights for women? Do you like the head and shaft combination or maybe have any other recommendations for a good woman’s club and shaft combination. She is a reasonably athletic woman with no physical limitations but not as powerful as say a college woman team golfer.  Thank you.

statechamp Answered question August 20, 2022