Putter questions. I am looking to convert my Moment XII to a slant neck. I put a double bend shaft in it and had it bent around to try and match the minimal offset and toe hang but couldn’t get quite what I was looking for. Does Golfworks have any plans for more hotel adapters like a black slant neck in addition to the plumbers necks? If not, do you know where I can get one or suggestions on how to make one?

Secondly, if I got a hold of one, do you have advice on how to remove the shaft from the Moment XII without damaging the paint or putter head? Would it just be to heat the shaft up and let the heat migrate into the head until the epoxy weakens? It’s a black KBS CT shaft so I hate to damage it but I’d rather lose it than the head.

Duffer Posted new comment January 10, 2022

Nick, thanks for your question. I want to do the same thing and just received the 2.5” slant neck. I didn’t realize a shorter one was in the horizon.