I have some questions relation to swingweight and counter balanced putters.

Background:  I have two identical putter heads and had the idea of using them to assemble 2 putters; one counter balanced and the other more traditional. My thought was to have the same swingweight in both putters thinking I would be able to swap between them with less need to recalibrate “feel.”  The traditional putter will involve a 34″ shaft, 70g grip and the putter head weighted to 320g (310 with 2x 5g weights). The counter balanced putter theoretically would involve a 37″ shaft with a 120g grip and the same 310g putter head.

Issue:  I cannot figure out what weights to add to the counter balance putter head in order to replicate the swingweight of the traditional putter. After attempting to use the ballpark conversions from this swingweight article (https://www.better-golf-by-putting-better.com/putter-swingweight.html), I am convinced I have a theoretical misunderstanding or that the point of counter balance is to change the swingweight


  1. Is my goal of 2 different putter set-ups (traditional & counter balanced) with the same swingweight feasible?
  2. Would a different swingweight conversion be needed for the extra 3″ shaft and grip butt weight that extends above my hands when using the counter balanced putter?

I look forward to hearing from anyone and everyone smarter than I am

Jackson F. Unselected an answer December 18, 2020