Hi Brett,

I have a question about two putters that I have….let’s call them Putter A and Putter B.

Putter A                     Putter B

Head wt.   350 grams            400 grams                Putter A has been my regular putter for a couple of years.  Just bought Putter B, despite

shaft wt.   120 grams             120 grams               it feeling heavy.  The length is because of my height (6’6″), and it fits….putted with this

Grip wt.    124 grams             160 grams               length for years.  It appears to me that the only way to make Putter B feel lighter is to

Length      37.5 inches            37.5 inches             change to a lighter grip.  With regular clubs (woods and irons), I know that if I put on a

lighter grip, the swingweight increases.  Is this what will happen if I put a 100 gram putter

grip on Putter B?  Won’t the overall feel of the Putter B be lighter by 60 grams and make it

feel more like Putter A?