I am considering putting together a new set of iron with TE Forged heads. I was wondering if you would assist me with a couple of questions I had —

1. Considering the TE head is a 2010 design, is there a new update/iteration coming to those heads in the near future? I’d hate to invest in these irons, only to find a new design introduced in the near future. I am not in immediate need of a set, and can wait if there is something new around the corner.

2. In searching the forum, I found a similar question was posed earlier, and one of the answers was “a “players” profile option to the STi iron coming up in April”. Does the players profile mean a more minimalist design like the TE profile? I am considering TE mainly because of their clean minimalist design and less inflated lofts.

3. What shaft would you recommend for these heads? I am a high handicapper scoring anywhere from 95-110. It takes me a 5 iron to hit 150 yards. I have a low ball flight, and could use all the help that a shaft can provide for a higher ball flight (of course, I could use some lessons for better ball striking, but I guess that is a discussion for another time :-) ). The other goal is to also have something easy on the arms and joints.

Thanks much,