Britt, I have been considering the Tour TC Driver, 4 wood and HyWay Pak’s with the Kuro Kage Black shafts.  But then you went and introduced the Rapport shafts.  They are at a higher price point than I wanted to pay, but I was intrigued.  Since there are no reviews or any other information that I can find to compare them to the Kuro Kage Black, I was hoping you could give me some in-depth profile comparisons of each brand in R and S flex, including the Rapport Fairway shaft since that doesn’t exist with the Kuro Kage. If you have any personal experience with them that would be great to hear also.

And just out of curiosity. were the Rapport shafts commissioned by GolfWorks?  The way they are listed would seem to indicate that. Sorry for being so nosy, it’s a fault of mine.


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