I would like to remove the shaft from an old Spalding Robert T. Jones Jr. iron so that I can replace it with another shaft.  I have replaced shafts on clubs from this period before without a problem. In each of those instances I had to remove the pin and lightly heat the head and the head came off very easily.  The iron I am trying to get the head off of appears to be steel and coated with “pyratone”.  I have looked for a pin but can not find it anywhere.  Do you know how this head was attached to this shaft or how to remove it ?  Thank you,  Marty

bue1945 Posted new comment September 12, 2020

I have worked on several old Spalding irons over the years, and some of them were threaded on and were LEFT-HAND thread. So, to remove them you need to secure the shaft in a vice, heat the hosel and “unscrew” the head in the OPPOSITE direction from how it would usually unscrew. Not saying this is the way yours is attached, but if you’re having trouble, this could be the problem.