I have picked up about over 30 graphite iron and wood shafts that are about 30-35 years old.  Gerry Hogan AD21 – if you know about them you know why these are worth re-using.  If you dont, google works :)

most shafts have some of the paint chipped off from knocks, and most have a wear mark from rubbing on the bag. many have had some sort of glue applied to prevent the wear marks.   Whilst they are very old,  its doubtful they were used for that long, and all are still in the original heads. Most of the purchases were from people cleaning out old sheds, which means i got them for scrap value – winning.

– does anyone think the wear from rubbing on the golf bag compromises the shaft?

– has anyone ever tried removing original paint?   i imagine we shouldnt use sandpaper at all.

Refinishing is possible with using a adhesive wrap,  often sold as expensive golf shaft wrap products, but can be purchased from likes of 3M directly

sloppytypist Answered question June 29, 2023