A fellow fitter gave me a large amount of graphite stiff shafts. The brand Aldila, and their lower economy shaft. They are very old. Britt was kind enough to dig up some trim instructions for me. The stiff shafts are iron shafts, 100 gram.
I’ve tried them myself with a TE forged set up and I don’t notice a lot of difference between Nippon regular steel and the Aldila stiff with an average swing speed.
I’d think a borderline swing speed might be able to handle them. I don’t notice a lot of different hits on a lie board. Best to let the customer try one.
With the advent of lighter steel, and better graphite it’s a confusing question. Older information indicates stiff graphite flexes similar to regular steel in economy brands. I’d like to read a few opinions. Many thanks.

Britt Lindsey Answered question June 26, 2023