I am 77 yrs old   my swing speed is 85-90

my scores run from 89-100 strokes per round

Q: i have a set of ping zing2 with jz steel shafts (firm?)or Stiff?  don’t know the difference between.  Ping has its own way of doing things.  I would like to switch to a regular flex graffitied shafts

need a low priced, reg flex grafite shaft,

tipped (if that’s necessary ) and prepped

recommendations please   Thanks

In my opinion, your best bet is to find a set of irons with shafts that you want and then sell your existing set. It will be the easiest thing to do, the most time-saving and your cheapest alternative. For the price of buying new shafts and grips and paying someone to install it, you’re likely spending as much or more on the whole re-shaft process than what you can get a set of used irons with graphite shafts. For example, if the cost was $10 a club to bore out the hosel to .370, $20 per shaft, $10 to install, $5 per grip – you’re looking at $50 per club easy and this isn’t factoring shipping costs – 8 clubs X $50 is $400. You can easily find the same or similar set of irons with graphite shafts for under $400 no problem.