A friend asked if I could replace the broken graphite shaft that was in his wife’s PW.  After drilling out what was left in the hosel, I noticed that it looked as though it was designed for a taper tip shaft.  A standard 0.370 tip would not go all the way down, so I’m pretty sure it’s a taper tip.  The irons are at least 10 years old and I could not find any specs for the irons or the graphite shafts that were installed in them at the time.  I would like to replace it with a similar shaft if possible.  Any assistance would be appreciated.



statechamp Posted new comment May 8, 2022

The good thing about graphite shafts is if you need to do any tapering it’s totally possible. The tip thickness on many of these .370 tip shafts allows for that .015 shaving.