I have recently reshafted several Ping Putters that are set with ball bearings in lieu of epoxy. I have successfully pulled the blades using heat and a conventional head puller. When preparing to set the new shaft, I have used a Dremel tool with a metal grinding tip to enlarge the hosel to accept a standard steel shaft with epoxy.

This seems to work quite well and finishes nicely. However, in the event that the shaft is broken off at the hose,l I would not be able to use a conventional puller to grab the broken piece of shaft.. I an looking for a solution to remove the broken piece of shaft and ball bearing. I do not think an easy out type of puller would have enough purchase to pull the shaft tip with the ball bearing still in place. Drilling does not seem to be a viable solution either as the steel bearing would be too hard to drill without deflecting the drill bit into the hosel itself.

Anyone have this issue or a solution for it other than replacing the putter head?


Thank you in advance for your consideration.