From a design point of view, why don’t we see roll and bulge in utility irons as we do with hybrids any longer? I have some 2014 Adams Pro DHy’s that have it. Seems to work with off-center strikes with gear effect but maybe that’s in my head. I noticed when TM brought that GAPR LO/MID out a few years ago or their new DHy they had no roll/bulge. None of the other OEMs do either on their utilities including the Tour FDI. I just found it curious. Was adding the roll/bulge to help gear effect a failed design that causes more problems than it solves? My instinct is that it’s more of a marketing thing where the majority of golfers looking at these utilities don’t want to see it on the face. But I am often wrong! Seems the old Adamd DHy’s got a lot of love on the usual suspects of golf forums. Would this ever be something you all consider adding to the FDI successor in the next few years?

Britt Lindsey Answered question August 1, 2023