Over the years I’ve pulled quite a heads from graphite shafts and never had any real issues, but this time I think I really messed up.   The shaft in my STw head snapped off right at the hosel (threw the clubs into the car a little too forcefully) so I proceeded to drill out the remainder in the hosel  starting with a small bit size then going to one that just a little smaller than the hosel diameter.  Unfortunately, I was a little too vigorous in trying to get out all the old shaft/epoxy and drilled through the bottom of the hosel (hole is a little smaller than the hosel diameter).  I now I have hole there and there is either a small piece of metal or epoxy that is rattling around in the head which is totally unacceptable.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how this might be fixed short of buying a new head.  Thanks in advance.



Woobie Answered question October 20, 2022

Club head tac or “Rat glue” is designed just for this. Inject some in through the weight port and warm the sole. Shake that loose piece into the goo you just put inside the head.

When you go to reinstall your shaft you’ll need to plug that hole in the hosel. there’s little white discs you can get to cover it, Or you can make one out of an old business card or very thin plastic.