So the i230’s I have are regular flex w/ Ping Alta CB shafts(72 grams and Mid High launch).

I want to move to a senior flex and have tried the Alta CB SR flex. Same distance as the regular flex just better launch angle, apex height and spin numbers. Just too expensive and only Ping offers them.

Was wondering what Golfworks offers as a comparable shaft to the Alta CB SR flex(65 grams and high launch)?

The UST Recoil SmacWrap 760 ES in A flex is a Ping option but they claim it is 59 grams and a high launch. However UST and Golfworks say it is a MidHigh launch and 65 grams.

I’m confused. I am open to any senior flex shaft that is lighter weight than 72 grams and not a mid high launch.

Do I have to be concerned about the counter balancing of the Alta shaft as well?

Thank you!

Britt Lindsey Answered question May 6, 2024