I have a Taylormade M4 driver and the shaft adapter came apart on the driving range sending the head into the range.

More specifically, the head came off with the shaft adapter still attached (screw intact) but the separation occurred at the ferrule.

Let me explain, the ferrule on the M4 shaft adapter is Not just a short 1/2 in or so plastic trim piece on top but rather a complete insert to the shaft adapter with the standard ferrule integrated into a sleeve that glues directly to the shaft. What i had was a driver head with the shaft adapter still screwed on PLUS a shaft with the ferrule and integrated sleeve still glued to the shaft. (this was assembled at a golf shop, shop is not local)

  1. Is this construction normal?
  2. What is the best way to fix it?
  3. What do you recommend i do, any and all ideas appreciated?


Britt Lindsey Answered question August 12, 2020