Hi there,

Looking to update my irons and purchased a TS3 7i head with M890 High Launch shaft in R flex to test out compared to my Mizuno 919 HM Pros with Recoil 95s in F3.

My 7i carry is about 145-148 yds.  I have a fairly smooth swing, so I generally have no issues with what flex I play, but my swing speed has me generally on the borderline of R and S flex.  I like the softer feel, so moved to R flex in everything except driver recently.

I really liked the TS3 heads, and will be building out the rest of the set.

I also got along better than I thought I might with the M890 High Launch R flex shaft as well, and after some testing, seems to be giving me a bit more speed, height and spin.. which I need particularly in the mid to long irons, and the price point is outstanding.

Before I pull the trigger on the rest of the set, I feel like maybe I should try another shaft option or two, and looking for some opinions on a few I’ve narrowed down to.  The Maltby shaft code I focused on was the 3B3H, as I prefer to play a small fade for more control and like to eliminate the left side, but I don’t really “need” help avoiding hooks… so 3B3M would also work fine I’m sure..  looking for opinions on the shafts below compared to the M890 and the Recoil 95s I currently play. The M890 certainly has more feel to it than the Recoils, but don’t have a strong preference of one over the other after trying them side by side.

I have a softer feel preference, smooth swing, looking for increased height and spin compared to my current Recoil 95s, but don’t want to gain height and spin at the expense of dispersion either…

Here are the alternatives to the M890 HL I was considering next if any are a better quality option:

MPF Pro R flex;

Nippon Zelos 6 or 7 in R flex;

or I have a set of Nippon 950GH R flex I could pull from another set and use as well, but i’m not sure I gain much using these over the Recoil 95s

Of course any opinion or additional recommendations are welcome..  just wondering if I should try any other options before settling on the M890 HL being the first one I tried.

todpod Answered question May 11, 2024