I bought a couple of Honma XP-1 fairway woods and love the way they swing.  The supposedly R flex 53 gram shafts feel like fishing rods, haha.  But they somehow provide good timing and control.  I had the same experience demo-ing an XXIO driver.  I love what these clubs do to my swing tempo, timing, and effort. I don’t have to try to swing smoothly.  Rather, it just happens, which I do understand is what shafts can, and are supposed to, do when they truly fit.

So of course I would like to be able to build clubs like this, especially irons.  From prior experience, I don’t think it’s a simple as using an L or A flex shaft.   Usually those screw up my timing.

This seems like an unknown corner of the clubfitting and clubmaking world.   The Henry-Griffitts company used to say, “weaken the club to strengthen the swing”.  Do you have any experiences and ideas, or do XXIO and Honma just have some secret shaft tech that we can’t figure out?

Britt Lindsey Answered question June 20, 2022