6 month old 2022 2 Ball Ten Stroke Lab Shaft snapped … leaning over to put a mark on the ball, leaned on it maybe a little too much.  Odyssey won’t repair under warranty.

So, the I had the shop I took it too order a new double bend steel shaft, instead of stroke lab.  I know it will add weight, but I want to see how that is instead of the standard red graphite.  We’ll see.

I also wanted to know, has anybody ever tried attaching a plumbers neck to one of these?  Plumbers’ necks are my favorite … wish they had it in this model.  The shop I was at said that there is a little stem coming out of the head that the shaft attaches too, so plumbers necks can’t be inserted in replacement.. Just wondering everyone else’s opinion!

5 hdcp golfer, 30 year player .. worked in golf shops myself through college .. did some clubmaking in those shops and at home so I know a thing or two.


Rob Answered question September 24, 2022