I took out the clubs for the maiden voyage tonight. On the range, I figured I’d hit a few hosel rockets and topped shots just to test the clubs forgiveness. They felt pretty shanky and well, shitty when you hit them that bad. I started getting my rhythm together and when you hit a pure shot, oh my god, long…just amazing feel.

I didn’t have much time, so I walked out to the 7th hole and threw one down in the fairway at roughly a good drive, 162 to the center, uphill, slightly wind aided, and slightly mis-hit a 5 iron to the back fringe. (Pin in back.) Next hole, a 6 iron mishit (toe) to the right rear (against a bit more wind), 160 to the pin which was in the right rear. Last hole, good drive then a mishit (thin) wedge to the center of the green, pin in front. So the mishits are doing well, and if I catch one, I have to worry about completely blowing it over the green, and this is factoring in a 1 club difference compared to my old Hogans.

So far so good. Tomorrow is league.


JW-651 Posted new comment October 27, 2023

They look beautiful!!! How do they feel & how is the combo with the Kuro kage black?

Woobie, I’m happy with my purchase. I’m coming from 1970s clubs, so each purchase of modern equipment (woods, then putter, wedge, and now irons) has really been a change. It’s most noticeable when I go back to the old gear.

So the irons. There definitely is forgiveness for off center hits, but I think the irons are longer than their equal loft older counterpart. I’m also “hitting” the ball much more consistent. The change is quite amazing. I had taken 35 years off of playing (I’d play 0-2 times a year), and trying to get the old swing back has been a challenge. I’m been shooting video of my swing and working on flaws. About the time I got the new irons, I decided to forget working on the swing and just visualize the shot and swing smooth. So, I’ve been hitting the ball well. I played league Tue (first time playing the clubs) and shot 42-37 (par 70), no topped shots, and no chunks. (The drive gave me problems on the front 9.) Part of hitting the ball better probably is a better mental approach, but if feels much easier to have good rhythm and power with the new irons. I went back the old clubs for one practice session and sucked.

I went from a stiff steel (Dynamic Gold) to a regular shaft, and it feels like good timing is rewarded with extra length and better feel. I’m having difficulty with picking a club since the lofts are so different, so I made a table based on lofts that I’ll attach to my bag with a luggage tag. (It’s made, just need to attach it.) I need practice with the 8 iron and gap wedge chipping since the clubs go further than my old clubs. (I hit one 8 iron chip from the fringe and if felt like a “flyer.”) I may add a little loft to the wedge since I’m so used to 50 degrees.

Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but feel free to ask some questions. I’ll be playing again next Tue and I’m looking to sign up for a tournament in June at a fancy course. (Just got a membership in a local tour.)

Thanks Jay. This is exactly what I was looking for. I currently have a full bag of Maltby, having got hooked on club building. I play the Maltby STi2 with the pro series shaft. I went for a cheaper alternative in graphite as a bit of an experiment. Anyway love the set but want to try a forged set.

Can I ask why did you choose the TS1-IM over the TS3 or TS4??? By the way congrats on the great score. I love how you focused on score and less on swing. Ta Brett

Brett, yeah, my head has been moving like a fishing bobber. I was working on that, straightening a cupped left wrist, standing too far from the ball and a collapsing left side after impact. (I have issues.) The problem is, when you change the swing, it’s hard to turn those thoughts off when you go play, so the game suffers.

Clubs…I was looking at the TS1’s last year. I’d check ebay now and then for a killer deal, but nothing fell in my lap. The TS2s sound like they have a “sticker” on the back (don’t like that) and the lofts are strong overall. I do like that the lofts have more gap between the clubs, but the sticker thing I didn’t like. Also, I’d like to try the newer clubs and the TS3, TS4 and TS1-IM were all in the mix.

I like the look of the TS1-IM and TS4 more than the TS3. I hit some Srixon cavity backs and TM blades in Nov at Second Swing and could NOT tell the difference, so I was fine with buying blades. When I ordered the clubs, I believe the TS4 wasn’t in yet and I was fine with the TS1-IM. My clubs arrived with steel shafts (shipping error) and by the time the reorder was being made, I could have had the TS4s. For simplicity, I probably should have gone with them since the lofts correspond pretty close to a 1 club difference compared to my current clubs, but I liked the sound of a MS300 steel maraging face. I don’t know what that is, but assumed the face has an advantage such as being more durable to wear (otherwise why would they pick it). Also, if I add a little loft to the PW and GW, then I can have a bag of 3 woods, 8 irons, 2 extra wedges (54, 58 or 60) and a putter.

Long winded again.

My apologies Jay. You were so generous with your write ups that I just realised I hadn’t thanked you. Similar to you, have been working too much on mechanics & less on scoring / playing. Recently, I have played more naturally, if that makes sense, and scoring has been so much better. We forget sometimes it’s all about how many and not how!!!

I am hooked on building clubs, having built 2 sets of irons, wedges and the miscellaneous drivers and fairways. My son plays the STi2 6 – GW in Score shafts, 23 degree Hway, which he smashes, Maltby putter & wedges. Same for me, but with Maltby graphite shafts, STi2 driver, 3 & 5 wood, TSW wedges & same putter. Love them & have become so hooked on club building.

I am wanting my next build to be forged & so your comments have greatly helped. Thanks again and enjoy those great looking clubs. Brett