So this is now my 3rd year golfing. I actually grew up on a golf course, but played football and never “found” the time to get into the sport (probably biggest regret of my life). When I bought all my clubs I decided to get a cheap $80 odyssey. I’ve grown to truly hate the putter. I am looking to get a new putter, but want to get insight from as many people as possible on brands, grips, style (blade,mallet,2 ball).

What do you guys suggest? I am a 23 handicap, and feel as my putting is one of the culprits that I can adjust slightly to get down to an 18.

I am not restricted by price, but don’t want to spend 500 if it is truly not necessary.

Would love to hear what you guys use/suggest!

Britt Lindsey Answered question November 20, 2020