Hi, I built some KE4 Max irons and love them.  I’m thinking about building a couple of wedges but have a question on wedge grinds and setup for a short chip/pitch shot.  Generally I and a sweeper of the ball and do not dig with my wedges.  If I stand the club shaft up more vertical and hit off the toe my directional accuracy is pretty good.  The problem is that sometimes, on my courses soft conditions I can dig a little and open the face.  I like to keep the face pretty square.  My basic question is:  If I were to grind some off the leading edge in the toe area (kind of the reverse of a relief grind) will this create more bounce in the toe area and help with the digging if I get sightly too steep?   Having asked that, which of your wedges would you recommend for the square and vertical shaft setup I like to use?  Model, bounce, lie angle, grind.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Again our course is always fairly soft.

Thanks so Much


T Brandt Answered question December 9, 2022