So I read the question about types of steel hybrid shafts and it got me thinking. The Maltby standard lengths sheet doesn’t list steel lengths for hybrids. I compared my TE forged 3 iron specs with the TC 4 hybrid and the only difference I see was 1* toe up on the TC. Both 240gr and 22* loft.

I play 0.5″ over standard (39.5″ on my TE Forged 3 iron). If I wanted to experiment with my DG120x100 in a TC bybrid, would I just match club length based on head weight or would it be better to shorten the club a tad to account for the lie angle difference? Between the TC hybrid and TE Forged, same length and shaft and loft, would there likely be a carry distance difference? Any other considerations I’m just flat out missing? Thanks!

Britt Lindsey Answered question December 29, 2022