I picked up quite a bit of speed the last couple years and I have lots of wedges into greens now and they’ve been costing me the most strokes. So I have resolved to get my approach and short game cleaned up this year. I did some experimenting over the off season with what worked best and what didn’t work. A couple things jumped out at me.

I get my hands too far ahead of the clubhead and I dig, get flyers due to contact high on the face, and have poor turf interaction. This is on me and I’m working on this with a coach. No wedge design will really fix that. But I do like a straight, pre-worn leading edge. I’ve been bagging set gap wedges in my TE Forged, Wilson V6, and older Taylormade RocketBladez Tours because they worked better than my TSW 52* (for me) which kind of has a crescent shape to my eye.

I’ve been playing around with a 56* in Maltby FGT and MG wedges as well as my old Snake Eyes 685bx (all time favorite, don’t know if it was a Jeff Sheets design), Wilson PMP, and RBladez wedges. Those models seem to have a straighter leading edge with the FGT and RBladez being kind of rounded as well. Is this accurate or just my perception? Is this just player preference or something to it mechanically? Also, how do the new Max series wedges compare? Most pics I’ve seen show the sole and face but it’s difficult to see the leading edge. I still like camber and bounce on wedges and iron soles. I can’t hang with the older crowd than wanted sharp leading edges and flat soles. Woof! But I can get along with the straight line.

Also, if anyone has any great suggestions about playing the TSW, FGT, or MG wedges to get the most out of them, I’m all ears. Sometimes there’s little quirks to designs that you can look out for.

Britt Lindsey Answered question January 27, 2022