Anybody have experience with both 10 and 12 degree heads for the STW2?  I swing 90mph +\- 3mph or so, by most charts that puts me at the 12*.  However I see comments of guys like me using the 10.  Does the head launch high? Is the face radius large or small?  I currently have a 917D2 set to 12* with a Diamana whiteboard stiff 62. It hits a little low on a good center strike with about +1 degree AoA, but that shaft is low traj.  I lost distance going down in loft.   I have a lot of spin (4000+) and a predictable fade.  Looking at this head with an R flex to get little more distance and tame the fade some, UST Proforce V2 65g in R flex.  Any shared experiences welcome.

Gard Answered question December 12, 2020