I’ve been using and M3 with a reg and stiff graphite shafts, I really can’t hit the m3 with any consistency. It’s left right and rarely on the fairway, very frustrating BUT” I bought a R7 8.5 degree driver from eBay with a Tour purple ice 65S graphite shaft and 6 out of 10 swings I’m on the short grass!!!!!! WTF is going on?

I’ve bought Ping Callaway Taylormade Nickent S-yard looking for a driver that suits me, I’ve swapped shafts between all of the above to no avail. I feel like I won lotto lol, I paid about $65 US delivered to NZ Bargain I think….

When I had a practice swing at the range I felt like this is different, first 4 swings nothing unusual here then bang down the middle omg I’m excited….

So is it that shaft or that driver setup that works for me, the Pro said it’s a very expensive and very good shaft that he uses in his driver the latest Taylormade, would that shaft work better for me in my M3 or don’t touch it?

Britt Lindsey Answered question November 9, 2020